Karen Hanson

Ian Thompson


Karen is a co-founder of Tilt Cinema, a Toronto-based film and television production company, which is also currently producing Four Eyes (an international co-production with AVRO TV in the Netherlands) and executive producing Rwanda United: A Generation After Genocide (an OPC/FamilyStyle production). Read Karen's CV.

Ian is a producer, director and writer as well as Professor of Media Arts at Sheridan College. He has worked on a number of documentaries including Executive Producing Pushing the Line: Art Without Reservation for APTN and Bravo! In addition he is a certified Divemaster and an avid adventure filmmaker – having shot and directed a number of works in Gjoa Haven and King William Island in Nunavut focusing on Inuit indigenous knowledge and polar bears. He is a co-founder of Tilt Cinema. Read Ian's CV.


Ian Thompson on IMDB

Ian Thompson on IMDB