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Wild Archaeology

13x30min Documentary TV Series
In-Production with APTN, 2014/2015

Executive Producer/Director/Writer:
Tracy German | PaleFox Pictures
Producer/Director: Ian Thompson
Producer/Writer: Karen Hanson
Producer/Digital Media: Jean-Louis Rivard | MicroPublica

Wild Archaeology brings twelve thousand years of human habitation vividly to life, and highlights the cultural and spiritual practices, artistic and technological innovations of the ancient First Peoples of Canada.

The archaeological record of the First Peoples of Canada is scattered, fragmented, and in some instances, endangered. Sites are under direct threat from changing climates. Northern history is literally melting, decomposing, and being washed out to sea every year. Wild Archaeology is dedicated to salvaging cultural information that would otherwise be lost forever.

Wild Archaeology positions itself as a part of a very important paradigm shift that has occurred in both academia and western scientific culture as it pertains to Aboriginal studies. This shift recognizes the vital importance of consulting and partnering with archaeologists, anthropologists and Indigenous studies researchers of Aboriginal origin. The series consciously reflects this approach through a commitment to engage in Aboriginal community outreach in each of the locales/settings and through the related topics each episode focuses on.


Wild Archaeology was developed and produced with funding from APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network), Canada Media Fund (CMF) and the Canada Film & Television Tax Credit.